Basic Trail Mix

I love making trail mix, simple trail mix – no baking, no real “recipe”. I just open up my pantry and start throwing stuff into a gallon size plastic bag, which I find the easiest way to thoroughly mix and transport trail mix without dirtying up multiple bowl/containers (and yes, I do re-use bags). Then I can take it with me for breakfast on the go or a handy snack throughout the day. Not completely good for me, but hey, it’s better than a Snickers! Below is the most common mix of things I can usually find in my pantry.

Basic Trail Mix-

Cheerios (I prefer Honey Nut)
Peanuts (usually dry roasted, lightly salted)
Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
Mini Marshmallows

When I come up with new mixes I’ll post more suggestions. What do you like to put in your trail mix?

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