Free food!

Yes, I know this is totally un-craft-related, but seriously, who doesn’t like free food? Apparently a lot of people, and I’ll tell you more about that at the end of the week, but for right now I wanted to share some free food offers I’ve stumbled upon tonight that you can enjoy too. Hopefully someone amongst you enjoys free food more than my friends…

If you’re one of the first 250,000 people to sign up for Chick-fil-a’s, they’ll send you a coupon for a free original chicken sandwich. They’re currently over 240,000, so hurry up! You also get entered to win a $50 CFA gift card. Yum!

The next one comes with a few more restrictions. If you’re on facebook, visit and, well, fan woody. IF he gets 500,000 fans, the first 500,000 fans will get a coupon for a free $5 Jack Daniels burger or chicken sandwich valid from 10/11-10/14. The link came from the TGI Fridays official website, so it is legit. He doesn’t have anywhere near 500,000 fans yet though, so help him out, and help yourself out too!

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