16 Reasons You Should Have Business Cards

You know how a lot of restaurants these days have those little bowls by the register where you can drop in a business card for the chance at a free lunch? Well, I never really thought they actually pulled names, but apparently some of them do. Two weeks ago a manager from Chipotle called to tell me I’d won dinner for myself and however many of my friends or whoever else I wanted to bring. No strings, no advertising message to sit through, me and 15 of my friends ended up enjoying a very tasty, very free meal from Chipotle 😀 I don’t even remember eating there in the first place, much less dropping a business card in, but my friend says we went there for her birthday lunch and I dropped a card in, so there’s a very good reason to have business cards handy.

There are obviously other good reasons to have business cards like, you know, to hand out to the person behind you in line at the grocery store that asks where you bought your bracelet. Sorry, I don’t have 16 different reasons you should have business cards, and even if I could think of 16 they probably wouldn’t be any different reasons than you could find suggested anywhere. Still, my business cards more than paid for themselves Friday night! I bought mine free for the cost of shipping from vistaprint.com. I know a lot of people have had problems with that site before so I’m not really comfortable wholeheartedly endorsing them, but I will say that I didn’t have any problems with my order, and my business cards, promo postcards and magnets turned out very professional looking. The little self-inking stamp is pretty cheap, but still, it all came to under $10, around the cost of dinner and a drink at Chipotle, and I’ve enjoyed handing them out to friends and customers.

And now I have 15 people who owe me dinner if they ever win, now that they all know to drop their cards in too.

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